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Posted on November 06 2019

In addition to the DARK and EDGY design aspects MIRKKA METSOLA is also a Helsinki-based fashion brand that values sustainability and ethicality. MIRKKA METSOLA STUDIO uses only as natural and ecological materials as possible with full transparency and are committed to design and manufacture clothes that lasts time. 




Mirkka Metsola Studio ensures that there are no child labour or forced labour used in the supply chain. The working conditions are safe and fair in all production facilities. We have long term relationship with our clothing producers who have stayed with us since the first collections. Our clothing are designed in Finland and produced with a high respect for working environment, low amount of fabric waste and great craftsmanship in Tallinn, Estonia. Besides that all our accessories and some clothing such as leggings are manufactured in Finland.




We choose to use only ecological and natural materials in our collections. All items are mostly recyclable, made from certified or organic and even recycled materials. The only exception is with artificial leather and sheer see through fabrics that we want to offer as a vegan choice instead of genuine leather or silk. MIRKKA METSOLA is constantly looking for new recycled material options for synthetic fibers. The plain cotton we use is organic and is supplied by Orneule Oy from Finland. Our digital printed cotton fabrics are manufactured in Lithuania and have an Öko-tex 100 Standard in the whole production cycle which means that all MIRKKA METSOLA’s art print clothes are sustainable, eco friendly and chemical-free! Our digital printed fabrics are premium quality that lasts time. All materials are well tested and proved to last with normal caring, cleaning and washing.




Digital textile printing uses less than 5 percent of the energy consumed by traditional processes. It also uses almost no water, offering a clean, efficient, sustainable solution by saving precious resources. Highly automated and labor-efficient, digital textile production and its machinery demand a fraction of the footprint of traditional manufacturing. 

Organic cotton is organically produced cotton. Only organic fertilizers are used in its cultivation. No pesticides or chemicals that are applied on cotton leaves are used in cultivation. Organic farming keeps the soil fertile and the environment free from chemicals.


Our logistics chain is organised efficiently and we are taking all the necessary steps to avoid unnecessary packages and flights when transporting the goods. We always aim for the minimum carbon footprint. For those reasons always when possible we choose domestic and local suppliers that are close to us. Besides that we offer environmentally-friendly “PICK-UP” as a delivery option for the online shoppers.



The MIRKKA METSOLA products are packed in recycled materials. In retail our shopping bags and online shop packaging supplier is a local company Napakka Oy. Our black shopping bags are made of brown recycled paper and dyed without harmful chemicals. Online shop packaging are made of recycled polyethylene. Mirkka Metsola Studio is already taking steps to change all packages and for biodegradable materials for the next round.


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