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Dark tones. Prints. Black leather.



DARK and EDGY design aesthetics merging with vibrant art prints, natural organic materials and leather are the key elements and main foundation of the MIRKKA METSOLA -brand. Now with a long term relationship all collections are produced with sustainable and ethical values in Tallinn, Estonia and designed in Helsinki with a high respect for the working environment, low amount of fabric waste and great craftsmanship.



The founder and creative director Mirkka Metsola comes from a family of designers and artisans. In 2009 a young determined Finnish designer, a fresh college graduate founded the brand with a mission to design and manufacture clothes with a personal style that lasts time. For Mirkka Metsola inspiration is everywhere. Music is everything. The designer’s love for dramatic intensity and darkness, sound and subcultures, David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick films, the contemporary arts and architecture take their indispensable place in the design language.