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Mirkka Metsola 2023In 2009 a semifinalist of the first Project Runway Finland, Mirkka Metsola a fresh college graduate founded her brand with a commitment to design unique clothing that makes a statement and accessories with a personal style that lasts time. 
Mirkka Metsola designs punk-spirited ready-to-wear collections with dark and edgy aesthetics merging with vibrant art prints and natural organic materials. In addition to the seasonal collections the designer creates made-to-measure leather wear and stage clothing, where her talent in tailoring shines bright.
For Mirkka Metsola inspiration is everywhere. Music is everything. The designer loves dramatic expression, sound and subcultures, David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick films, the contemporary arts and architecture. All the inspiration takes its indispensable place in her brand's design language. The collections are produced in Estonia with high sustainable and ethical standards, respecting the art and design.