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Mirkka Metsola X Ville Kylätasku: ULTRAVIOLET SSAW19

Posted on March 11 2019

Mirkka Metsola’s SSAW19 Collection ULTRAVIOLET is a collaboration with Finnish artist Ville Kylätasku. Metsola will put Kylätasku’s paintings and artwork on digital prints and design a whole collection of ready-to-wear pieces. You can clearly feel Kylätasku’s art and see all the brushes, color choices and lines on Metsola’s fabrics. 

Ville Kylätasku’ s exhibition ULTRAVIOLET in 2018 was the ideal source of inspiration for Mirkka Metsola’s new collection. Intensive colors painted on black sheets of hi-tech PVC, the paintings evince the artist’s fascination for different materials, textures and processes. The Colour black prevails in most of the paintings, but there is almost nothing dark about the work but so much lightness and positive energy.

“ULTRAVIOLET stands for something spiritual; The collective self becomes more visible, things hidden in the dark come to the light, everything turns transparent.” -Ville Kylätasku

In “Ultraviolet” Mirkka Metsola plays with contrasts. The designer uses glossy metallic tones in leather and silk with bright patterns. The black patent leather plays a big role in the collection in order to gain the continuum of Ville’s collection.


ULTRAVIOLET SS19 DROP 1 is available at MIRKKA METSOLA STORE and online on March 16th.


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