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Dark Tones, Clean Lines and Black Leather..


You have 14 days to wear, share and care unique items designed by Mirkka Metsola with respect and love.



MIRKKA METSOLA has designed ready-to-wear collections and custom made clothing for men and women since 2009. Now for the first time the designer opens the sample archives by adding an optional possibility to rent previous collections and some older most wanted items from dresses and evening wear to accessories and ready-to-wear pieces. In addition we are adding some hand picked vintage items and designer accessories that we love and want to share with our customers.



Every Thursday is a ”RENT IT” -day at MIRKKA METSOLA STORE. You can rent from the ”RENT IT” collection once at the time or buy a membership. The renting and returns are to be done directly to the store within its opening hours. On the other weekdays you are able to browse most of the RENT IT -collection here online. With a membership you will also get -10% discount when shopping at the store and online. 



You can rent from the ”RENT IT” collection once at the time or buy a membership.

3 Months membership plan 350€ - Renting up to 10 pieces within this period. (About 3-4 pieces a month)

6 Months membership plan 560€ - Renting up to 20 pieces within this period. (About 3-4 pieces a month)

You can rent Maximum of 3 pieces at a time. For a membership you will get a -10% discount code to shop at Mirkka Metsola online and in store purchases, valid during the validity of your membership plan.


Renting a dress is also an ecological act!



  • Clothes and accessories can be rented for up to 14 days.
  • The Client agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the rental, and handles the rented products with care.
  • Client must be +18 years old, a valid ID must be presented.
  • Rented products must be returned in original condition, by the agreed return date.
  • If the products are not returned by the return date, an additional fee of 20€/day will be charged. The returns are to be done directly to the store within its opening hours (Mirkka Metsola Store: Tarkk’ampujankatu 4, Helsinki - Open: Tue-Fri 12-19, Sat 11-18).
  • If any of the rented products gets damaged the client is responsible to pay for the repairs. If the product is broken beyond repair, or gets lost or stolen, the client must redeem and pay the full retail price of the product(s) in question.
  • Renting and prices are marked on the items.
  • It is forbidden to alter, sew, dye, cut, or in some cases wash, the items.
  • The condition of the rented items will be inspected upon rental and again upon return.


In case you have any questions we are happy to help you at the customer service. Simply send us a message through the contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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