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Dark Tones, Clean Lines and Black Leather..


You have 14 days to wear, share and care a unique item designed by Mirkka Metsola with respect and love.


MIRKKA METSOLA has designed ready-to-wear collections and custom made clothing for men and women since 2009. Now for the first time the designer opens the sample archives by adding an optional possibility to rent previous collections and some older most wanted items from dresses and evening wear to accessories and ready-to-wear pieces. In addition we are adding some hand picked vintage items and designer accessories that we love and want to share with our customers.



The customer can rent items listed on the BORROW page by adding them on the cart and paying the rent price plus additional deposit fee. The borrowed items are delivered in 2-3 days and the customer has 14 days to wear, share and care the items with respect and love.


Renting a dress is also an ecological act!



The Deposit fee is there to guarantee the return of the items to Mirkka Metsola Studio and will be refunded in full immediately when returning all borrowed items on time, clean and in same condition as they were when delivered. The returning of the borrowed items is FREE. In case of damaged or contaminated items we will charge extra cleaning and/or repair fee from 50€ to -100€ (depending on the damage). These fees are listed and attached with the item. Also all other instructions with returning dates and care instructions etc are attached with the item. If some items are not rentable anymore because of these matters the customer has to redeem the item in full-rate basis which are listed and attached with the item. In case of this happening or any questions of the renting we are happy to serve you, so please contact us at the customer service 


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